Disaster Insurance Coverage

Disaster strikes even in beautiful California! Whether your homeowner policy pulls through for you during your time of need will depend on how you have arranged your coverage. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Know your coverage

The first thing you should know is what your policy covers. Home policies cover a home’s contents as well as liability for injury to people on the property. Standard homeowners policies may not cover losses due to earthquakes, power failures, landslides, some water damage, and more. Special policies are available to cover some of these risks.


Review replacement costs

Some policies reimburse the policyholder for replacement costs, while others reimburse for the market value of the damaged or destroyed home or items.


Create a home inventory

Make an itemized home inventory of belongings and review it with your American Tri-Star Insurance agent.


Have enough liability coverage

Liability coverage protects the policyholder and family members from lawsuits for injury or property damage. It covers court costs and awards if ordered.


Revisit your policy whenever things change

To ensure you have adequate coverage, reevaluate your insurance policy as circumstances change, not just when the policy is renewed. Have questions? We are just a phone call away! Reach out to us at 619-474-3900 or stop in and visit at one of our locations in Vista, San Diego, Chula Vista, or National City.