Home Insurance Coverage While On Vacation

California temperatures are rising, summer is finally here!  Whether you are heading for a sandy beach with beautiful blue water and drinks with little umbrellas or to the slopes with fresh powder and dog sledding it is important to remember that unpleasant things can still happen on vacation.


As you are packing and thinking about what you may be forgetting, the thought that something could get stolen or lost while you’re away doesn’t usually cross your mind.  What if this does happen?  This is where your homeowners or renter’s policy will come in handy.


What do Renters and Homeowner Insurance cover?

A renters or homeowner insurance policy doesn’t just cover you and your belongings when you are home. It also protects your belongings away from home.  Just imagine, all your ski gear was taken right off the porch of the lodge while you’re inside.  What if you are hiking up a mountain and your favorite camera slips right out of your bag and crashes down the rocks? Let us review your current policy to make sure you are covered for these things!


Keep in mind that your California renter’s or homeowner’s policy doesn’t only cover items, it also gives liability protection.  If you accidentally hurt somebody or damage their personal property, you could be held liable.


Get the best quotes for Renters and Homeowners

There are even more ways your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy can be there to help in your time of need.  Give American Tri-Star Insurance Services a call at 619-474-3900.


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