The Importance of Builders Risk Insurance

Protect your investment from the ground up!  Builders risk insurance gives protection for residential and commercial building projects while they are under construction or renovation. The coverage often includes theft, lightening, explosion, smoke, vandalism, fire and more. Having builders risk insurance in California will help reduce any losses that you may face.

Contractors and construction professionals’ benefit from having Builders Risk Insurance in a few ways:

  1. Equipment/tools are covered- if a thief visits the jobsite it could cost you thousands!  Builders risk can pay to replace your important tools.
  2. Provides financial security and protects your investments- often in construction you pay for building materials at the start of a job. Most times you can’t recoup that expense until the job is completed.   Builders risk insurance covers your investments by reimbursing for damage or losses.
  3. Gives a backup plan- A sudden hail storm can ruin a months’ worth of work but having builders risk insurance will protect you against the things you can’t plan for.

Ensuring you have the appropriate coverage is crucial.  Be sure you cover all details with a knowledgeable insurance agent to make certain you carry proper coverage.

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