Questions for Business Owners to Ask

As a California business owner, you are required to protect your investment.  Knowing the right questions to include when choosing your insurance provider is critical!  Here are just a few:

What policies are required for my business?

At American Tri-Star Insurance Services, we are dedicated to finding the best coverage for your company. Policies can be purchased separately or bundled to include General Liability, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, Worker’s Compensation and Professional Liability and more.

Which risks are covered?

Most policies cover accidents/damages that have occurred as the result of using goods/services sold by the business. If you are sued for damages/injuries they can also be designed to cover the additional costs for attorney and court fees.

What are the limits for coverage?

Coverage limits dictate how much will be paid out if your business suffers a loss, after the deducible has been met.

What happens if I retire, become disabled or pass away?

Reach out to us at 619-474-3900 and we will help you with this and any other questions.

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