Log Your Home Inventory For Landlord Insurance Purposes

We invest a considerable amount of time and energy in building and putting together the perfect home for our tenants. If you are a landlord, it is important to keep track of your items in the case they are stolen or destroyed. Landlord insurance can protect you. All that hard work can disappear in a flash in the event of a disaster such as fire, storm, flood or burglary.  At American Tri-Star Insurance Services Inc., we hope you never have to deal with the heartache of a claim, but we would like to offer some tips in case you do.

Should a disaster strike, your insurance claims adjuster will ask you to provide a list of the items in your home.  Making a home inventory list ahead of time will save you from trying to remember all of your possessions and eliminate the possibility of forgetting anything valuable. These tips will make sure you get your full value out of your landlord insurance.

  1. Make a detailed list of all items, include the dates you purchased them, and any serial numbers.
  2. Be sure to check in the garage, drawers and closets for valuables you may have forgotten about.
  3. Take pictures of all rooms from different angles.  This will help you remember what is there and provide proof of having the items.
  4. Update your list every year!

At American Tri-Star Insurance Services Inc., we can look at your list to help you determine if you need a special insurance policy for some of your most valuable possessions. We have offices that offer landlord insurance in National City, Chula Vista, San Diego and Vista California, stop by and see us today!