How to save on Home Insurance

Who doesn’t like to save money?  Simple things such as packing a lunch, cooking at home and using coupons are a few ways to save.  Do you know you can also save money on your California Homeowners insurance?

  1. Bundle- When you have multiple polices with one company it makes billing and management more efficient therefore saving them money which usually gets passed on to you.
  2. Loyalty- Some insurance experts believe you should shop around every so often for a cheaper policy.  There is nothing wrong with testing the waters but before you jump ship call your agent there may be a loyalty discount waiting for you!
  3. Security System- Having a security system is an additional way to save on your monthly bill.  Insurance companies like to reward their customers for going that extra mile to help keep their homes safe.
  4. Raise your Deductible- Most homeowners choose a $500 deductible but by moving it up to $1000 you can potentially save hundreds over the years with the lower premiums.

We love to help your clients save money!  If you are looking for more ways to save on your California Home Insurance policy give us a call.