Homeowners Insurance doesn’t cover floods

Do you carry flood insurance on your home?  Do you know what type of flood zone you are in?  Most people assume that their homeowners policy covers everything!  While it does cover things such as a fire, burglary or damage from a tornado, it does not include flood coverage.  At American Tri-Star Insurance Services Inc, we can take a look at your California homeowners insurance policy to see if a separate flood policy is necessary.  Don’t want to wait until you have a flood to realize you do not have the coverage you need!

Owners whose properties are in flood zones must carry flood insurance.  Flood damage from flash floods or rising water can happen at any time.  Since flood damage is not covered under homeowner policies, any damage that occurs must be paid for out of your pocket.  Only two inches of water in your home could end up costing thousands of dollars in repairs!  Due to the likelihood of mold growing on damp surfaces you will usually need to repair/replace flooring and have damaged drywall removed.

Flood Insurance can be added to your California policy typically at very little cost.  Give one of our agents all call today at 619-474-3900 or stop by one of our offices in San Diego, Chula Vista, Vista or National City!