An Introduction to Commercial General Liability Insurance

There is always the danger in today’s modern world that your company can be prosecuted for harming another.  Having a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy protects your company against economic loss if you are responsible for property damage or private and advertising harm caused by your staff, services, or company. It also includes nonprofessional acts of negligence.


Which Liability Policy should I get?


Not all companies have the same liability requirements, so it helps to have an insurance agency on your side to help find the appropriate coverage at an affordable price for your California business. Each company should discover a liability policy that covers the kinds of disputes that could be brought against them.

This policy would be issued to safeguard against allegations of liability for property damage or injury. Most CGL policies, however, do not cover several other liability threats such as injuries to employees, accidents involving commercial vehicles, or professional services.


Let us help you!


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