Business Health Insurance Increasing?

Group health insurance costs in California are continuing to climb making it more difficult for companies and people to afford.   Some believe the costs are even increasing more rapidly than most surveys indicate. Unfortunately, many businesses cannot afford to pay the higher costs and are passing these expenses down to the employee.

Group plans may also be more costly than the individual health plan counterpart.  Group health insurance plans are based upon the group.  If the group is not healthy, the costs could be quite a bit more exorbitant. Often smaller companies are not able (or willing) to afford these increasing costs and are having to ask their employees to pay more to keep themselves and their families covered. Some people are finding that they may be able to save money if they explore an individual plan rather than their companies group health plan.

If you or your loved ones has a pre-existing condition you will need to make sure they are still covered as most group plans will cover those pre-existing conditions.  At American Tri-Star we suggest talking to your agent to find out your needs, so nothing gets overlooked!  Give us a call today at 619-474-3900.